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Digital Communication Strategy

Digital Communication strategy is the foundation of the campaigns. By drilling into your business insights and gathering feedback from all stakeholders we create disruptive communication strategy. This allows your brand to break from the noise. With disruptive concept in our core we strive to develop not only a “cute” idea, but one that will move the needle for your business.

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Web and Mobile Development

A large number of our projects have a web development portion. With a strong DNA in technology, our teams in Jakarta and Jogja specializes in web and mobile development. Due to our years of experience in tech, we have used best practices and methodologies around project management, quality assurance and user experience.

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Digital Performance

Digital performance covers media buying, conversion analytics, search engine optimizations, buzzer/celebgram/artist outreach and anything relating to getting best performance out of the assets built. Our agency always believed that Media Buying and Planning should always be within context and ideally the same agency as the creative digital agency. Thus our Performance teams are crucial and core to any campaigns we developed for our clients.

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Video Production

Video is core to the future of digital, as data access gets more affordable and easily accessible to mass consumers, video reach via youtube and other online medias are on the rise. Social media have also embraced the use of video in crowd content. We have an in house production team to cater to this phenomenon, need fast, affordable and professional made video production.

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Customer Relationship Management

Client relations management refers to strategic technology helping brands and companies achieve greater understanding and relationship with customers.

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