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Our Process comes from practice, experience and proven results.


Our best practice derives from constant improvements with media owners such as Facebook and Google themselves. Also tech providers such as Agile CRM, Brand24 and many others.


We are keeping up by innovating and we welcome you to join the ride!

  • Research

    In research phase, we discover the type of disruption and points of focus for the project.

  • Concept

    In Concept phase we pitch our ideas and form a vision for the end result and get your approval

  • Create

    We then start to plan out the project and start production, wether it be software or visual arts

  • Monitor

    After the launch the crucial part of any digital campaign is monitoring and reporting. We help Identify the right matrix and indicators

  • Repeat

    After identifying the lessons from one cycle we learn, fix and improve for the next

Like our process and methodology? Let’s discuss your next project.