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BIG CRM – Marketing Cloud

Client relations management refers to strategic technology helping brands and companies achieve greater understanding and relationship with customers.

Focusing on During and Post Purchase Marketing

BIG CRM Focuses on During and Post Activities on the marketing lifecycle.

Why It is Important?

  • Shift towards focus on during and post purchase.
  • Higher media costs with decreasing reach as consumers use ad blockers and are “ad sensitive”.
  • Millennials tend to look for brand experiences not visibility.
    *BIG CRM related activities
  • Pre
    • TVC
    • Radio
    • Billboard
    • Banner Ads
    • Social Ads

  • During
    • Events
    • In-store
    • Direct Selling
    • Loyalty

  • Post
    • Customer Support
    • Email/SMS
    • Warranty

Typical Industry Usage

  • Retail
    • Giving Loyalty Point Rewards
    • Spreading of Promotion information on a timely manner
    • Targeted discounts based on purchase behaviour

  • Trading and Distribution
    • Re-purchase reminders
    • Monthly product updates
    • New product launch
    • Event reminders

  • Hospitality
    • Thank you for stay emails
    • Personalized birthday promotions
    • Segmented promotions based on stay patterns



Master data where all client data are stored in one point of truth


Allows customers to sign up on ground


Capturing purchase behaviors and loyalty points


Engine to deliver sms/email in a automated fashion


SPG and Frontliner tools to capture data and sell more


Front and back end module to deliver rewards to customers


Single sign-on technology to make sure all your owned assets only need a single password for you customer

Other Custom Modules...
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